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Air Traffic Trade becomes Part of the Elaflex Group

The existing operations will be run with the same staff under the leadership of the new managing director Niklas Nagorny. More

Hose Trolley 'HTR-T' for Terminal Operations

New developed: Hose trolley range 'HTR' to ease the handling of large hose assemblies and to additionally increase longevity. More

Leak Detectors for the Swedish Market

Elaflex AB will be representing the entire product portfolio of leak detectors for the Swedish market. More

Low Temperature Nozzle Types & Accessories

Since November 2019, LT accessories for ZVA 25 nozzles are also equipped with seals of red coloured Polyurethane LT compound. More

Hose Reels for Terminals and Road Tankers

We have extended our product range to include industrial 'Hose Reels – custom-made, for terminals and road tankers, from own production'. More

Nozzle Boot Types for ZVF 50

For the ZVF 50 overwing nozzle Elaflex provides nozzle boot types NB-ZVF 50 for safe installation on board refuellers or dispensers. More

ALJAC joined forces with the ELAFLEX group

Elaflex Hiby Tanktechnik (Hamburg) has acquired a shareholding in Aljac Fuelling Components Limited of Shepperton, UK, since July 2019. More

The new Elaflex Product ID App

'Elaflex goes smart' with the new Product ID App. After installing the App on your Android or iOS device, Elaflex products become digital – By scanning the Data Matrix Codes on the Elaflex product, the user gets access to technical specifications,… More

Expanded sales structure for CNG products

Oasis Ltd. became member of the Elaflex group in April 2017.

The existing distribution structures have now expanded to the whole Elaflex group to encourage cooperation with Oasis Ltd. It incorporates sections of CNG components and systems for…  More

Fuel Grade Identification to EN 16942
for ZVA and ZVG 2 Nozzles

With Directive 2014/94/EU, the European Union decided that the dispenser, vehicle and nozzle need to be marked with fuel grade labels to provide clear information which fuel is suitable for the vehicle. The standard EN 16942 : 2016 has been created…  More

Drip Stop for ZVA Slimline 2: Clean Diesel Refuelling

Press-Publication Advertisement: "Kladdfri Diesel Tankning"  More